Sketches & Paintings by Biswajit Das:

Despite many commercial exposures and ventures, Biswajit has remained an artist at heart.
He held his first solo exhibition “Of Abstraction and Life” which displayed his representation of the Kingdom of Divine and Superhero’s of Mankind, at Arpana Fine Art Gallery, New Delhi, September 2019.

The Exhibition was Inaugurated by Shri Amitabha Bhattacharya, Eminent Photographer and Photography Educator.
Among family, friends and well-wishers few prominent visitors were Padma Shree, Shri Biman Bihari Das, renowned Sculptor, Teacher and Lecturer. Arpana Caur, a leading Indian contemporary painter and the Director of the gallery also visited the exhibition.

Amitabha Bhattacharya

It was a wonderful experience to view the diverse works of art by Biswajit in different mediums. The pen & ink sketches are excellent & full of life. The works in acrylic & oil on paper & canvas are striking & imaginative. My best wishes to him & many congratulations for putting up this remarkable show.

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Bidisha Banerji

Had seen bits and pieces of this entire collection. To see all of that and many more come together here is wonderful. Many congratulations! An eclectic collection touching upon contemporary themes and backgrounds with specks of traditional art forms. Engaging. Keep it up!

Nabhanyu Banerji

A lovely exhibition of all the paintings that you have done sir. Do more paintings like this.

Nabhoneel Banerji

I have never thought your paintings are so creative. The trees are the most creative. I hope you display more paintings and have another exhibition soon.

Ayan Das

Being a designer of such high caliber myself. Its amazing to see so much more incredible work.
The best exhibition I’ve been to.

Ashish Banerjee

Truly amazing work. To see such mastery in multiple style is rare. Bravo…!!

N. C. Sen Gupta

Excellent & Amazing art work. Must deserve appreciations from all art lovers.

Anshuman Kankan

Excellent stuff. Very creative. Need to see more such works of art. so must plan at least 3-4 exhibitions a year!! Good luck.

Davinder Raghav

Very Good, keep it up.

Ruchi Roy

A big congratulations and wish you the best! My fav you know now. Keep it up Dada! Feels good to see this in superficial world. Have fun!

Sugato Roy

Truly fascinated by the sheer volume of work. Congrats.

Anu Dewan

Amazing work! Lots of them are my favorites! Unbelievable work!! Keep it up.

Upal Ghosh

If one gets a knock in his heart from God, he gets the blessings from the world. The world of sketches & Paintings. They are just wonderful and living. God bless.

Aparna Ghosh

Beautiful! Its wonderful to see equally good/ well detailed sketches in more than one medium; quite rare. Best wishes to them (including family) on the new venture.

Sunil Dutt

Amazing display of art. So, clicking. Especially the village and the city. Beautiful. All the best.

Rakhee Dutta

Its great to see such versatile form. The best part is that nobody needs to explain the content of your paintings which is the best part for a layman like me. I would like Biraaj to follow your guidance in years to come and express himself through paintings. Love the experience and wishing you luck!!


Love you sir.

Vineet & Gunjan

Absolutely stunning paintings, amazing detailing to every little thing, the color features are so vibrant and full of life. Looks like live paintings. Awesome collection. All the best!!

Siddharth, Aruna & Noyonika

Completely and entirely fascinated by the diverse collection of abstract art as well as the pen-on-paper & paintings collection displayed. It was wonderful to watch some famous characters come to life through the pen-on-paper collection. Would love to see more work from the artist.


Great; wonderful; amazing that’s all I can say. I wish I can have just 2 percent of imagination what the artist has. All the best great. Wish to attend many more like this.


Wonderful paintings sir. I loved it. It is very nice and good. Thank you for inviting me here. It was very nice coming here; I enjoyed a lot. The gorilla was very amazing! All the best to you!!

Jayita Mukherjee

Dad, it was wonderful seeing your creatin. Each one of them is incredible and speaks volume about your creativity and intricate art. Loved each of them. All the best!!!

Megha Kohli

Amazing work, happy to be invited. Love the use of blue and eyes of portraits.

Anjali Kakkar

Loved the pieces of art. Each masterpiece had something which glued you to the painting. I personally could not take my eyes off the wheels in the painting depicting Konark. I am so privileged that Anshika is blessed to be under your guidance sir. Wishing you all the very best!

Anshika Kakkar

Wonderful exhibition giving glimpses from all sphere of life. Though I have seen few of them before, but altogether it was a different experience seeing the works in a gallery. All works are exceptionally beautiful!

Pratibha Sen Das

The Sun is strong, clouds can only hide for a while. As they move away and pour the rain. The glory of Sun shines on all and the cloud give way to a beautiful rainbow.

Its so lovely to see this bright exhibition. Its one where black and white are more colorful than the colors! Wonderful & touches the heart, such magnificent is your art.

P. K. Sen

I am not an artist nor have in depth knowledge of real art & its creativity.

The only thing I can say, this very exhibition of Biswajit is simply fantastic, fabulous as well as it has its own intricacies and creations. I mainly liked the most all the pen sketches. Simply amazing work, paintings & sketches. I personally feel, one day Biswajit will further come out with flying colors and would be considered one of the top artists of our country. God bless Biswajit.

Remy Sethi

Very fine ink sketches down to the detail. Oil and the subjects are very deeply thought of. Thumbs up for great art Biswajit!!

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Inauguration - Chief Guest Shri Amitabha Bhattacharya arrives
Inauguration - Shri Amitabha Bhattacharya Inaugurates the Exhibition
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Talking with Padmashree Shri Biman Bihari Das
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With Padmashree Shri Biman Bihari Das
Padmashree Shri Biman Bihari Das talking with my wife and guests
Padmashree Shri Biman Bihari Das taking a look at the paintings
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