“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” - Thomas Merton

The art of painting is best learnt and realised with a patient and nurturing teacher. That is one thing I can say about Mr. Biswajit Das. The weekend painting sessions are something I look forward to every week since our teacher makes it fun yet meaningful. He extends to his students the freedom of painting anything from imagination and guides us throughout the painting process. This helps us to be able to depict the most accurate version of what we envision. Biswajit sir’s experience in varied creative fields and art forms, makes him the ideal teacher to learn art from.

Medha Banerjee

" Drawing sir is fun to be with. I enjoy my classes with him - he teaches and play with all the kids "

Shaina, 6yrs + Student

" I have known sir for more than a decade and he is just fantastic person, artist and teacher. He is always encouraging and open to experiment with new ideas. His both kids and adults’ classes are fun. One can learn a lot from him."

Shraddha, Student

Biswajit is a great teacher & fine person! I must appreciate his artistic talent, his ways of guidance and encouragement. Biswajit was a big help to us on a school project during this corona phase, and we couldn’t be more thankful. Look forward to making Zayn work on his drawing skills with Biswajit in the days to come.


Mr Biswajit Das, fondly called Biswajit Sir is an artist with flair, compassion & precision. While he is actually a commissioned artist, I have known him as my son's Art Teacher & also his confidant. Over the years, he has earned the role of mentor & guide in my son's life. His cheerfulness, commitment, hearty interactions with kids, efforts to keep their creative minds engaged is worth mentioning. He also introduced us to Art in a form which is easily understandable & relatable. His art exhibition has been an eye opener & we felt so much at ease looking at & understanding each piece of art. Good wishes for his work & creating little creative minds.

Rakhi Dutta

I had commissioned an employee engagement mailer campaign to Biswajit. The creative artworks struck a chord with the employees and made the campaign a huge success. Besides his creativity, Biswajit is extremely patient with his clients.

Anjalika Kakkar

Our daughter Anshika is privileged to pursue her passion for art under the guidance of Biswajit sir. She has been learning from sir for over 3 years now and we really admire sir’s eye for detail and patience while teaching his students. Anshika also won a national award for canvas painting under his guidance

Anurag Kakkar

I chanced upon Mr Biswajit when my then 8-year-old son and his friends were looking to taking art classes with him. What struck me instantly was how the boys took to him with incredible ease. My son is now 22 years old; he sketches beautifully with such organic ease it leaves me speechless & very happy.

Around 7-8 years back I sceptically asked him if he could tutor me into taking up painting. I wasn’t sure because I was rather old and maybe not pliable too. One thing about Mr Biswajit is that his dictionary doesn’t have the word ‘NO’. I joined him and stuck on for 2/3 years enjoying learning so much under his guidance! I was allowed to express myself exactly the way I wanted to-I discovered my own path, my own style & my own dreams.

Mr Biswajit is extremely talented, a fabulous supporter of varied art forms, very open to students’ ideas all the while teaching very grounded and practised art.

He has been a very big part of me finding myself when I needed it most. Please entrust yourself, your family & friends into his capable hands & dream on.

Piu Soin

"It has been a pleasure to watch Aishani's hesitant sketches evolve to beautiful, confident strokes under Biswajit's patient and persistent tutelage. It is very refreshing to see her eagerness to attend his classes and learn new techniques in Art. Biswajit's constant encouragement and appreciation has not only had a positive effect on my child's artistic expressions, but also on her will to work hard and her self-confidence."

Rachana Saha

"Sristi was one of the fortunate ones who had been in association with Biswajit Sir since 2003. She was just 8 then, and would look forward to her Art Class and would willingly participate in the class. Art Sir – a friend, a buddy, a guide who with his friendly yet firm approach would lead his bunch of naughty and interesting class of students very dexterously through his world of lines, forms and colours, making each topic interesting with stories, competitions and various activities. Sristi resumed back her classes in 2010, as Sir came back to Delhi from Bombay, and was coaxed by some very persistent parents to get back to mentoring his students once again. Sristi has learned a lot from Biswajit Sir. She learned the basic aspect of observing and appreciating art and finally evolving and creating, under her teacher’s guidance. Each week the students look forward to their class where they are free to express themselves as they wish and their teacher waits, watches and guide them patiently to unravel their young minds beautifully with various tones and shades."

Shimonti Sinha