“Art demands constant observation!”
- Vincent Van Gogh

The substructure of art is the ability to reflect and capture the real world. Observational art is drawing or painting from life so as to convey and interpret as faithfully as possible.

As an artist I feed on observing things around me, it helps me in adding new dimensions to my creative process. I love observing people, structures, day to day life and not to forget the beautiful play of light. My work is influenced by realism and surrealism and has a huge reflection of what I see, what I observe and what I feel.

Painters use different mediums to paint. I specially love water colour, acrylic and pen and ink. Water colour and acrylic gives fluidity in my work and also a faster pace. Pen and ink, is convenient to carry and helps to capture shape, light and mood easily. The beauty of these mediums gives a great sense of satisfaction to me.